~ Just started Django, the back-end, and using Python in a more intelligent way.

Django, jobs & vast frustration
How am I to Jobs?

Jobs that are gonna want a google-savvy no-nothing.
I am told over and over again that one of the best skills to have in 'this' profession is to be a proficient Google search-monkey. Firstly, I just coined that phrase; secondly, it's pretty amazing Google (as a company) has become so intensely successful, they are a job requirement. Thirdly, while I am certainly getting better at Google searching, by my perspective, the horizons of the interwebs seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

I will decode that cryptic sentence - I am beginning to see just how much of the internet's websites are comprised of normal people who have taken the time to put up webpages, e.g. an informative tech blog. Many of these tech 'posts' are present on the internet for less-than altruistic purposes.
Read as, there's a documentation(s) for Django because the good people who created the damned thing want e'erybody to learn and use it. Right??

It is too bad most of these people have (seemingly) created their documentations for reference rather than tutorial; it is either that or they are sadists (or computer science grads trying to get something published). If I had a one broad problem with online documentations, it would be a sincere lacking of examples.


Learning on the fly
During class (just now), it was revealed unto me that the Django documentation has plenty of examples...they are simply not explicitly titled as such. Whoops. That does make the whole ORM (Object Relations Mapper) which Django throws my way a tiny bit more easily understood (unlike my English).

What's a Django?

An ORM from hell...
Because, we thought we could get around using SQL.