Deployed Projects
Angular 1.5 + Jekyll

click rage!

The first version of an Angular 5 web app I just deployed onto Heroku. Click-rage is a simple game where the User is intended to click her rage away. Try and beat the default highscore of 35 or the all-time score of 102!

I don't have a logo for this APP yet, but it's coming along!

date by hate app

DBH was my final project at the Bootcamp; it's really a fun idea - match people by movies they hate!

UPDATE 06.04.20 Site is currently down. I'm looking for a new film database.

UPDATE 11.22.16
Fixed the issue! Turns out the problem was how I was retrieving a media file via http; I simply hard-coded the file. Boom!

ISSUE 11.16.16
I'm having issues with cross-domain requests; DBH retrieves info from a foreign API which does not use https (for some reason). This is another 'deployment' obstacle I have run into suddenly; it will be interesting solving it.


Do the Angle

A to-do list made with Angular; this simple app relies on ng-show and ternary functions - which are great for smaller functionalities. I am currently delving into UI-router for bigger projects which need to be split into components.

social media clone


I made this twitter-clone using a Django back-end; the toughest part was understanding how django models work; the django user model gave me trouble as there are plenty of abstractions occuring in the background (or as we called it Django magic). Barkin@pp got me used to building & troubleshooting a well-thought-out back-end.

UPDATE 11.25.16
Fixed the overall site look; added some functionality to the navigation.

DreadLore Official


DreadLore 'DL' is a tabletop RPG which the co-founder of Adventure Kings LLC and myself are creating; the game can be thought of as a 'pen & ink' RPG similar to Dungeons & Dragons, Numenera, etc.I am building this static website to bolster my web development skills as well as to create a much-needed 'official' website for our business venture.


As I learned in the 'bootcamp', it's more important to have a working, unfinished (even ugly) product than to have no product at all. Thus, for the time being, I'll be deploying a simple site which uses Materialze instead of Bootstrap - I might as well test out something new. In the meantime, I'm working on a Flask tutorial on the side; the eventual DL site will most likely be built off Flask.